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Bobby's Blog Let's Talk About Life's Adventures Sat, 04 Dec 2010 22:04:01 +0000 en hourly 1 Cha Cha Changes…. Thu, 02 Dec 2010 23:25:26 +0000 bobby I have to credit David Bowie with the title.  This blog has long been neglected,  a lot has happened and the seasons have changed.  With it, a hope that I can refresh my relationship with this page as I fell deeply into the immediate gratification of the technological/social media hurricane of Facebook’s fanpage.

 Funny, while I am truly not a fan of texting, twittering and the dependence many have on their “Facebook” page, I can appreciate it.  I am particularly offended when young and old alike cannot let go of the precious phones but for a few minutes and not text, facebook or twitter, despite the fact that a PERSON IS WITH THEM, ATTEMPTING SOME KIND OF REAL CONVERSATION.  OFFENSIVE, RUDE AND…I’ll stop:)  Yet,  I do enjoy the connection and in many cases, the reconnection with so many on my fan page.  To be able to share some of the adventures I have with so many in just a few sentences a day is not only rewarding in  many ways, it also serves as an amazing catalyst for not only my, but also every one of you who cannot live 15 minutes without checking your page;  EGOS. 

Enough blaming my lack of attention to my blog on a great development in social, world wide communication and connecting people with people (whether I like it or not) , let’s get on with it.

 The off season is upon me but no slowing down.  Coming off a brilliant season of firsts, successes and of course, a few failures, the season has changed to the time of year when I recharge my batteries, organize my next year’s assault on the bike world and heal up from whatever beat down I received during the previous season.  It is also a time when I re confirm relationships with sponsors, establish new one’s or even, end others. 

As many already know, as far as healing up, I am now 7 weeks into a full recovery from a tumble off my cross bike that resulted in a broken femur.  A 12 inch rod and four screws later, my right femur matches my left.  Not to worry folks, it is healing incredibly well and I am already doing  soft rides lasting around an hour.  Full recovery will be had with myself and my DR, working together to put humpty -dumpty back together and back in the dirt( where he belongs:)  My recent check up shows me healing  remarkably well but I am still another  6 weeks out of riding in the dirt…I am good with that since the last  time I broke my femur back in 87, it took me over  a year to get off crutches.

I had a great season with my first assault on the European continent.  Thanks to Adrian D at Vorewood Bikes, ( in Switzerland) and Jorgen at Adequate Solution(  along with many of my current sponsors, I was able to travel with Nick Rosso across the big pond and race the legendary Megavalanche at Alpe D Huez and Italy’s Pro Super Enduro Series with Enrico, the coolest Italian I know, all treating me like a king!  The riding is unreasonable:) and redefined my definition of steep.  They love their cycling over there, no matter road, on the dirt, to school, or to get wine, they love to roll on a bike! I will be headed back if all things go well:)

How about the change in the political climate, shifting of the tide as far as the parties go?  Brown, taking his third gov’s race here in Cali, showing money can’t buy you the voters love…Yea yea, Whitman voicing that she would “spend whatever it took” to win the office was one of the many things voters thought inappropriate for a governor who’s job is take on the task of attempting to change the course of Cali.

I have to give Brown credit. What does he have to gain?  He’s 70 something and been there done that but still ready to try to make a positive change in this state accepting  his likelihood for failure is as high as his chance to succeed.  AND, he is in office because he earned votes not bought them.  Like him or not, a choice between two evils, he’s our guy.

Ah change…It can be as good as it can be bad and making a change can be one of the most difficult processes an individual can undertake.  Recently, I made a decision to leave my long term shock sponsor, Fox, and take a more than exciting opportunity with SR SUNTOUR (  who will be providng me suspension support for 2011.  A player in bicycle components since the sport’s early days, they have long been producing various components and suspension to bike companies around the world.  In 2011, SR SUNTOUR will  introduce a full ine-up of high end and perormance shocks and forks into North America. This is an amazing opportunity to help the brand grow while they work with me to grow as a rider and ambassador in the sport.  A huge shout out to Darren Salesbury over there for opening the door and being the key in making this happen.

Kind of funny how letting Fox know of my decision to change was much like breaking up with a girlfriend..I didn’t want to hurt feelings, be a bad guy, piss anybody off.  The old adage “Can we still be friends” came to mind more than once;)  Needless to say, it is business and we both understand this with professionalism and respect shining  through during the entire process.  Great company, great shocks and Mark Fitzsimmons over at Fox is a top shelf guy in the industry.  It was a pleasure working with them.


Another big change I made that has me stoked for next season is a new relationship I have with Electric Visuals (  This small sun glass and goggle company has been rocking the surf, skate and snowboard world for 10 years, will also be a new part of my team.  I met Jimbo at our good friend Tim’s b day party and the bromance was on LOLLOL!  Only later did he look into what I was doing for eyewear and things rolled from there.  Hi fashion and high function plus, fun and edgy!  The gear I have received fits my personality and skill sets like a glove.  Once again, another strong fit to my team of sponsors that believe in me and what I do both on as well as off the bike.  Who knows, maybe I will learn how to surf and…wait…do you hear that?  I think that may be the snow screaming for me to get back and rip a few soulful arcs on her.  We’ll see……….

There will be more sponsor announcements to come along with my next years schedule so keep stopping by for news of the like.

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone with me wondering where November went.  The holiday season is well underway and while it impossible to understand, people got into brawls in stores, fought in lines and people were hurt over getting the berst deal, right gizmo, or the “in” toy .  PEOPLE REALLY!  THERE IS NO EXCUSE, NO MATTER THE STRESS, THE PRESSURE, THE ECONOMY, no matter what lame ass excuses the “social experts” come up with for the idiots who pull this shit.  IT’S CHRISTMAS and be thankful you have a few spare bucks in your pocket to buy a gift or two for family or friends.  VIOLENCE OVER A BARBIE DOLL OR CROCKPOT IS PURELY A BUNCH OF SHIT, LAME AND INSANE….rant over and I am out for now.

Enjoy you holiday season, drink your egg nog and rum responsibly, love and be loved that’s the best gift of all.



Pushing Limits Radio: Interview With Bobby 11/05/10 — KPFA FM 94.1 - Berkeley Fri, 12 Nov 2010 23:30:39 +0000 bobby BIKING WHILE BLIND                                                                                       Photograph courtesy of Poison Oak Productions


After countless broken bones, a double organ transplant and sight loss, Bobby McMullen doesn't just ride his bike; this daredevil is a human cliffhanger.

He joins Pushing Limits hosts, Raphaella Bennin and Leah Gardner to talk about his life and the documentary based on his mountain biking exploits, The Way Bobby Sees It.

It’s blind biking, so hold onto your chairs; we're in for a bumpy ride.
Original air date: 1-5-10
The Money Shot and Great Courage Wed, 07 Jul 2010 21:59:33 +0000 bobby (actually by Lauren)

July 8, 2010

 Solobike.It  wrote, just before the Superenduro:

“…Sauze will be the focus of the World for two days of the stage Superenduro PRO circuit , which will involve ‘Blind Bobby’ McMullen , Paralympic athlete of mountain bikes and skis ( ) Known throughout the world for his great courage and Sauze who chose to have the experience of competing in the Italian Alps .” [translation from Italian]

(I’m betting that Bobby, in his humility, deletes this as soon as he reads it.)

Money Shot -- "The Super Sauze" to "Flight to Bally" - Souze d'Oulx, IT.

Money Shot -- "The Super Sauze" to "Flight to Bally" - Souze d'Oulx, IT.

Above is ”the money shot” from Sauze d’Oulx. Nick and Bobby left Sauze a few days ago to get ready for the Megavalanche at Alpe-d’Huez, France (this weekend).  More photos and running commentary are at

Nick and Bobby at Sauze

Nick and Bobby at Sauze




BOBBY’S EXCELLENT EUROPEAN ADVENTURE Fri, 02 Jul 2010 19:53:36 +0000 bobby

(actually by Lauren) July 2, 2010


Bobby headed to Europe June 28 to ride the Pro Super Enduro Series at Sauze d’Oulx in the Italian Alps (7/3 and 4) followed by the Megavalanche (”one of the most extreme mtb races on the planet”) the next week in Alpe d’Huez, France. He will be the first visually impaired rider (let alone two-time double transplant recipient) ever to have competed in these races.

He will also be doing some speaking engagements in Germany while he’s there.


The whole unreasonable process started when BIKE Magazin Germany did a feature on Bobby in its May issue.  The story generated interest from several European groups, including Vorewood Bikes, a Swiss bike shop (and its owner Adrian Diriwächter), AdeQuate Solutions of France and Germany, and others, to get Bobby to the Megavalanche. Google the Megavalanche: 1,000 riders start at the same time for a race that drops 10,000 ft. in 19 miles.



Look for Bobby’s daily updates on his Facebook Fan Page at

Bobby and Nick in Sauze d'Oulx

Bobby and Nick in Sauze d'Oulx









Interesting… Thu, 04 Mar 2010 00:14:37 +0000 bobby March 3, 2010

Did I just write March?  Damn, I did.  Boggs, Sea Otter, the Shasta Lemurian all about one month away, I’d better start riding my bike….more!

Did any of you know that our President is a smoker?  Yup.  He recently had his annual physical and it has been reported that he’s in good sape at 47 but needs to “keep working” on kicking this nasty little habit.  Apparently smoking and a bit of hoops on the side keep Mr. Obama the top of his game. 

I thought the Olympics were  a great success.  Despite the naysayers that it would flop, as well as it’s difficult opening days losing an athlete, the overall view is that it as a great success.  Nice save of grace by the Canadian men’s hockey team to beat our boys for the Gold… a bit of saving face.  I give our men’s  hockey team a ton  of credit.  Not really looked at as a medal contender but they certainly showed otherwise — urely my favorite of the games as they interviewed well , were appreciative of having the opportunity and seemed to play as if each moment they were on the ice was to be their last. Inspired play with a great result.

Another of my favorites has to be Shaun White.  Don’t care what sport he plays, skates or sends it in, he loves what he does and his attitude is contagious.  Doesn’t hurt that he flat out owns the sport.  A great example of an amazing athlete that happens to be well grounded as well.  White has been on the scene since he was dominating skateboard competions  as a 10 year old.   He   has not only evolved as a professional but also  pushed the limits of an incredibly innovative,  high flying sport to new levels (to have said new heights would have been to easy).  At only 22(?)  it looks as if  Shaun White will be around for a long time.

I found it a bit ridiculous that all the media wanted to do with Lindsey Vonn and Bodi Miller was  talk  about their Olympic disappointment.  Whose disappointments?   That they didn’t win more gold medals?  What a clueless bunch of “never were’s” today’s media are.  They have no idea what it takes to reach that level and absolutely no experience  with  what level of skill, training, sacrifice, dedication and luck is required for any athlete in any Olympic sport  to pocket a single gold (with the exception of the few former athletes they bring on).  Even then, those individuals constantly made “Back in the day when I  was competing Don” remarks.) .  Now, I do  not appreciate Vonn’s  ”caddishness” behavior to her teamates  or Miller’s  lack of respect and disregard for his last  Olympic’s but I do respect the  ability, talent and furthermore, the results.  They both deserve huge applause for all of the medals including the revered Gold.  Remember when a single Gold put an athlete on the Wheaties Box?  There will always be the occasional freak of nature such as a Micheal Phelps or a Carl Lewis who were Gold medal winning machines.  Based on  every Olympic outing, every event  they competed in that we could (almost) expect another  Gold after another   soon to be draped around their repective  necks.  We were lucky to bear witness  to such mythological athletic achievements.  Realistically however, to expect that of  other athletes is unreasonable, especially when not having a clue of what it takes.

Biggest “Oops’”of the Olympics goes to a member of the German speed skating team.  This athlete was the team’s alternate.  The skaters  listed ahead of  him  on the team’s roster had scratched  from the even or had been injured. It  turns  out he was going to get the shot of his athletic lifetime!  Unfortunately, he missed the call…He had turned off his cell phone…sucked to be him:(

Now the next incident at the Games came in a close second.  I  can’t believe no one  took particular notice with the current  media focus  on illegal drug use at the elite level.  A announcer covering the US  v Sweden hockey game had commented  about one of  the athlete’s injuries and questioned his return to the ice.  A fellow announcer, a former hockey player himself  (now, I am not making ANY statements  in regards to hockey players’ intelligence) remarked “Now, I’m not sure what all these rules and regulation are here at the Olympics but if we were back home, ya know, he’d just make a quick visit, ya know, to Dr. Feelgood, and, ya know, he be back out in no time.”  He proceeded to try to explain Dr. Feelgood, a shot, needles, injections etc…

New research from England indicates that daily cosnumption of dark chocolate greatly reduces the risk of heart attack as well as stroke.  In addition, their study found that dark chocolate aids in lowering blood pressure..Nice, I can ad that along with my beers to my healthy eating plan.  Willie Wonka, here I come!

Great quote from Tom Embrie who checked in over at my fan page on Facebook: “Shitload is an actual unit of measure.”  Classic for sure:)

I need to do a shitload more riding so while you guys and gals keep sitting there, I’m out!  Come join me…


Just a Quickie and I’m out….. Thu, 18 Feb 2010 23:17:53 +0000 bobby February18, 2010

If you have been a bit wet in the saddle the past few weeks, you have to be enjoying this run of amazing weather.  Here in Redding ,  the temps have been in the low to mid seventies with little or no wind.  The dirt is sticky sweet and the trails are holding up well.  It may be short lived as we all know winter still surrounds us and spring time is still a bit of a haul away.  Nevertheless, I am thoroughly enjoying the sounds of lawn mowers, the smell of fresh cut grass, and th sound of an occasional  frog getting his croak on out on the trail!

I was in SF last weekend where I had the chance to do a bit of riding in bothSanta Cruz as well as it’s Northern counterpart; Santa Rosa.  While both areas are rich with purely sub limb single track, this weekends adventure goes down as epic quite simply because of the company I enjoyed it with.  With Scott, Nadja and the fair Heidi as my ride mates, our Valentines Day Fearsome Foursome, laughed,  giggled, cornered, descended, and jumped our way  in and out of some not to be mentioned trails.  I even added a bonus feature for all as I stumbled over the bars and ended up what i like to call my patented “Twister move-Left, hand yellow, right leg red?”  No worse for wear and ear and all laughed as I picked up my small yard sale.

Picked up a great tidbit from the political front:  A house or Senate member (not sure which) is retiring at 76 in order to take care of her 100 year old mother.  I know, I know, some politicians  actually DO have a heart;)  I was more amazed that this lady, working hard until age 76, then to retire to TAKE CARE OF HER MOM.  Man, I’m a sucker for family stories like that:)

I am listening to National Public Radio right now..CLASSICAL music no less. ( they say that classical music can tame the wild beast..we’ll see)  listening to NPR more for the reason that the local and syndicated rock stations I  enjoy have lame DJ’s Period.   Anybody our there have any suggestions.  This recent batch of radio “talent,” (a term I use loosely) seem to think that any , even the most obscure reference or hint of a persons body or bodily function is a reason to laugh out loud for minutes at a time, destroying what could have been a quality interview or program, all for their own childish bullshi……That crap was funny, I don’t know, for a minute back in the early 80’s.  For the record I am enjoying both NPR as well as the classical selections.

On a recent “Wednesdays with Weir,” courtesy of the ever charismatic Mike Ferrentino at Santa Cruz Bicycle ( you can get and idea about how Mark feels about the role  the bike has in his life.  Get you pen and paper out kids because Mr. Weir is one of the most quotable people anywhere. H might have you scratching your head, laughing till it hurts or even shedding a tear but  know  it’s worth checking out.

Headed  to SF  again this weekend to be a part of the annual Nor Cal High School MTB camp being held at the Boy Scout camping  facilities at Tamarancho in Fairfax, CA.  A few weeks ago, the Nor Cal girls ran rough shot  over the place with some of the Luna Chix  showing up to provide both coaching and guidance to the athletes.  This weekend is my turn to lend  a hand.   Sat. evening, I will be there as the crew will view “looking to the Ground,” and afterwords I look forward to speaking with the athletes and coaches from many different schools from throughout the Bay Area. Always a pleasure and as I’ve said before, I learn as much as they do.  Looking to get the wheels rolling on my bikes as well.  Don’t know where , I  just know it will be fun!

For you Facebookers tuning in, I have finally done it!    With the encouragement from many, mostly from Heidi Suchard for without the Facebook Fan Page  would not have happened, you can now find it at Bobby McMullen-   Check in, take a look and please tell your friends! 

Gearing up for a ride recently with Scott Veech and Naja,  Heidi noticed a number of riders donning full face and body armour for their rides.  Concerned,  as  we  seemed to be headed the same way, Heidi asked about the big bikes and protective wear.  Veech answered: “Because they’re  scared.” That’s my boy Veech!

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny:  “Bdee, bdee, bdee, That’s all folks!”

Bobby McMullen

Some Stuff for the Weekend Fri, 12 Feb 2010 07:01:23 +0000 bobby February 12, 2010

I’m just back from a local haunt, Puerta Villarta.  After throwing too many chips, the obligatory salsa, 3 fish tacos, and 2 Negra Modelos down my neck,   it all feels right…Time to get my Blog on!

Guys: Valentine’s Day is Sunday.  If you are married or have a girlfriend DO NOT FORGET.  Make the effort, get (at least)  a card, maybe some flowers. I know I know dinner may be asking way too much.   Don’t believe them when they say, “Oh honey, it’s just another day” I CALL BULLSH?!&*T.   They have a romantic expectation!  TAKE IT TO HEART OR YOU WILL PAY (NOT PLAY ;)  For some, efforts like this  are grounds to be nominated for the Medal of Honor.  For others, they would never miss V-Day.  Trust me, it will go a long way and please try not to be condescdending  or a martyr because you ” I remembered.”   In my humble opinion, flowers, cards, a dinner out or a sweet something accompanied with the words: “I love you” should be everyday…not once a year. 

I spoke with Forrest Arakawa today.  He  is one of the top action sports/ cycling photographers in the business.  His work has graced the pages of every top Mt Bike mag on the planet and he also shoots athletes and catalogues for some of the top companies in the world.  Not only that, he kills it on a dh bike.  A lot of the competition is lucky he chose to focus on the camera rather than the bike.  Don’t be mistaken , he still holds his own in any race he enters.  Forrest is a machine.  I swear, 30 seconds with the guy and you will be speaking in tongues, handling snakes and walking on water…tons of energy, life and enthusiasm and  always willing to share it.   Thanks, pal and remember my friend;  ”Ride Forrest Ride.”  (Yup, that was too easy.)

As a fan of the sport, great news direct from The Man’s mouth:  Rob Roskopp informed me that current World Champ Steve Peat, Greg Minaar, Josh Bryceland, slopestyle titan and part-time cougar slayer Jamie Goldman, along with the true “Thunder from down Under” John Waddell have all re-upped with Santa Cruz Bicycles Syndicate  World Cup Team ( Not sure what the remainder of the competitive mt bike world will do except fight for second place and all that remains. 

 Rob also let me know that  he and the one and only Cedric Gracia have come to an agreement. Cedric and  his  Brigade will be on Santa Cruz gravity sled for the 2010 season.  If you have followed the progression of the sport, you’ll recognize Cedric as a true icon in mt biking and yes,  Cedric is a  ”True Playa ” as  in;  don’ t hate the player, hate the game!  He  is amazing on the bike, great for the sport and is almost as funny as me!

With each year that passes, each year brings change.  This year, the one and only Kirt Voorhies will not be part of the Syndicate program.  Kirt has moved on to pursue other opportunities that the sport has for him and he has earned all things good.  A good man, tremendous life story and talented athlete.  Not sure where my friend will land but I do know for certain he will undoubtedly be successful.  Best of luck, Kirt. I can’t wait to cross bike paths with you soon.

Good to hear that Ford had a successful year.  After doing the right thing and not accepting government bailout money, Ford posted their first profits in 4 years.  Whether you are a fan or not, you have to respect the size of their…coconuts:)  They came in  around the 2 billion dollar mark.  My only hope is that they keep this momentum, create more jobs or rehire some who had walked the plank and keep putting cash money back into the US economy.

 With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, dinner, treats and the like are to be consumed under many a candlelight (I hope).  With that,  I that I felt  I would offer up the best diet suggestion tip ever:

A few years a go, my  Mom  was asked about what kind of diet she follows ;  “Well Honey, if  it tastes  good,  spit it out!”

Looks to be great weather this weekend.  MAKE SURE YOU DO SOMETHING OUTSIDE, EVEN  IF  IT’S  SITTING  QUETLY ON A BENCH.


Playing in the Mud! Tue, 09 Feb 2010 05:55:06 +0000 bobby Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, Nick “The Stick” Price and myself headed out on dawn patrol to Rocklin, CA. for the first of 3 TBF MTB Challenge events put on by Total Body Fitness ( We hit the road at 5 am and arrived in plenty of time for our 9 am start.  These events are always  fun and a great way to gage my fitness early in the season.  While not much of an xc racer, I enjoy the opportunity to put a number  plate on my bike  and see how hard I can push myself.  The first 10 or so minutes are JUST AWFUL  During those opening moments of the race I  always question why I do the 8-plus xc events I race each year…They hurt!  After the wide open sprint  from the start line, Stick and I settled into our own race, our own rhythm and had a great time. I felt good at  times, rode technically well and suffered a bunch.  Nick was fantastic off the front and we never missed a beat despite the many other racers whizzing by.  Unfortunately we Dnfed   due to a flat tire.  Not mine; it was the other guy LOL!  Nick’s 29er gave way just a few miles from the finish and was not repairable.  Nonetheless we had a solid ride.  Great Job Nick and thanks for the effort, my friend!

I rode the Santa Cruz Carbon Blur XC ( and it was the perfect  choice for that area, a way- to- light- for my own good pure xc machine.  The 4 inches of travel provided by a Fox 120 RLC fork and Fox RP23( gave me a smooth ride through the single track,  a few rock gardens and with stood the large mud/water holes we had to navigate.  My tire  choice was the WTB( Epic Wolf 1.95 front and rear mounted to the WTB  XC wheel set with Race Lite front and rear hubs.  The WTB Rocket V saddle kept my keester comfy and the WTB Moto Grips kept my hands from slipping off despite being covered in Granite Bay muck.  I worked pretty well and my gear never faulted.  Again, a good way to start the season.

Next up:  I will be headed to  Tamarancho for the NorCal High School League Camp in Fairfax.  I have the pleasure of speaking to the overnight campers after a viewing of “Looking to the Ground.”  I seem to get as much out of being a part of these type events as those who ask me to participate.  Two days in Tamarancho will be amazing as I have yet to spend much time there.  A Bay Area Mt Bike resource with all types of terrain and conditions  dedicated to riders!

Great news from the medical world.  According  to researcher Charles Bamforth at UC Davis, beer has additional health benefits than previously reported.  According to Bamford, the hoppy beverage contains a form of dietary silicon which greatly benefits both bone health as well as connective tissue development.  Whew!  I thought the one true benefit was it  added needed ballast to my ass that made me go down hill faster! One to two beers   down my neck a day as ordered by my doctor…Hmmm,  I can live with that:)

It’s only February, however. I am already signed up for the Downieville Classic All Mountain, the 8 Hours of Boggs and at this date, The Sea Otter Classic where I will again race the dh and the xc (I’ll be guided by Yuri Huswald , yeh baby) is only two months away…the snowball of the 2010 season is beginning to gain momentum.

AIG update:  Apparently those who are waiting to receive their “bonuses” (after failing to do their jobs, losing  the life savings of many, and begging for  bailout money) are threatening to sue if they don’t get it.  I hope somebody sues those bag of dicks.

The weather  for  last few days has been great but a bit of rain is in the forecast.  Dont’ be discouraged, it is now staying light until 5:30.  MORE PLAYTIME PEOPLE.  Get out and get some!

The Saints pulled off a huge upset in defeating the Colts in Sunday’s Superbowl.  I am a fan of Peyton Manning’s, he’s a class act, but I always get warm and fuzzy when a true underdog pulls one out.  Loved hearing the Betty White/Abe Vigoda Snickers commercial…watch for it, you’ll fall out of your chair.

I’m out like a redneck in a spelling bee…


54 Years and Counting! Fri, 05 Feb 2010 01:04:27 +0000 bobby Today, February 4th,  is my parents 54th wedding anniversary , CONGRATULATIONS MOM AND DAD, I LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR MAKING ME PART OF THOSE 54 YEARS!  Bob and Marjorie McMullen of Redding,  California.  through thick and thin, seven children, too many grand kids to remember, both retired teachers, have been going strong for 54 years and lookiing good for double nickels (55).  With the average length of a marriage in California lasting only 7 years, they should give lessons.  On second thought, screw that, I wish they would just RELAX…they’ve earned it!  Marriages in California lasting on an average of only 7 years…Man, I have T-shirts that have lasted longer than that.

After a few great days of riding. the weather is back.  Without a doubt, having 4 distinct seasons here in Redding is something I love.  Birds chirping, frogs a croaking one day, and you may float away or be stuck in the snow the next…Change is good, especially in the weather!

The banking industry is  at  it again.  AIG , one of the more notorious of the financial institutions that needed bailout, is  doling out millions in bonuses and yet to have paid back the government for their “loan.”  Remember folks, those bailout $$ came at the expense of taxpayers.

Baptist Church missionaries in Haiti in the news for busing some not so orphaned children out of Haiti.  The Haitian government and other world organization are using words like “kidnapping” as well as “child trafficking” and a full investigation is underway.  I hope, for those kids sake, this has a positive outcome. 

Still early in the race season but I’ll have another chance to enter the “Pain Cave” at the TBF Mt. Bike Challenge #1 in Rocklin this Sunday.  At this point, I have a driver, a  guide and now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and see if all this riding has done any good:)

Also this weekend, Matt Fitzinger and his minions will have a number of Nor Cal High School girls mt. bike racers at Tamarancho in Fairfax Ca.  This will be a weekend camp that will provide coaching, teamwork, bike skill and etiquette pointers to both veteran and beginner high school racers who compete for their local HS teams in the Bay Aea.  This year, the Redding area will field The State of Jefferson High School Mt Bike team.  The team will be comprised of athletes from many of the local high schools.  An exciting sport to be added to the many successful athletic programs that already exist here in the Northsate.  It’s great to see growth in high school sports despite all of the cutbacks that all levels of education are experiencing.  Of particular note is that this mt bike racing program at the local level is funded only by the efforts of the kids, not the schools.  Well Done!

  Sac isn’t the only area they are pinning numbers on people.  They have been racing for the past 3 months in Australia and New Zealand, the winter CCCX DH Series just wrapped down in Monterey and the cross season is coming down to it’s final weeks.  Tough news from the camp of World Cup leading US cross star, Katie Compton.   For some years now, Katie has suffered from a debilitating mystery condition that causes her to sporadically cramp up.  Now, these aren’t cramps you get from taking on a hard effort after drinking to much water , these are stop- you- in- your- track, cripple a top world class endurance athlete cramps.  she has been examined by experts everywhere and no cause  or solution has been found.  Despite this, Katie gets out when things are right with her and makes her competitors pay in pain.. She definitely earns a ‘Bobby Big Nuts Award” for her efforts.  Well done young lady and good luck finding a solution.

It’s been a bit wet, my riding shoes smell like mildew.  I best put a blow drier in em…


Are You Staying Dry? Tue, 02 Feb 2010 21:55:38 +0000 bobby February 1, 2010

It seems as though it was just a few days ago when I wrapped up 2009.  Now it is Feb 1, then in 28 days it will be March, then in…It really sneaks up on you!

 At this point, I was to have raced two events already.  Unfortunately, reasons beyond my control  didn’t permit it.  No guide, no ride, no drive   It’s the nature of the beast but with it being very early in the season it can happen.  Redding has a great cycling community with a strong contingent of year-round riders.  As the traditional cycling season closes in there will be many more opportunities for me to work with my usual suspects.

Speaking of the local cycling scene, the conditions Sunday were just amazing!  Heidi and I set out on a local “Tour de West Side” and spent part of the day in perfect temps, grippy dirt and no people. We made a stop at “Top of the World” where Heidi had a chance to take in the spectacular 360 veiw of the Redding area – a nice reward after a bit of hard work to get there.  We commented that here it was a Sunday, near ideal weather conditions,  little standing water , and few trail users out.  Regardless we enjoyed a few hours of the many trail options that are just a hop, skip and a jump from our doors…translated, just a short pedal away. .  We did cross paths with the forever  young, ageless wonder Mike Simpson  on his cross bike with (as I am supremely confident) a huge smile on his face.  Mike rides/races with a like-minded group for  local hammers The Owen’s Health-Care Team.  These guys not only compete at a very high level, they are all hard-working professionals from all walks of life who work full-time, are full-time fathers, husbands and cycling advocates. These “boys in blue” are constantly riding some gawd-awful amount of miles, and always supporting local cycling events.

A Few Randoms:

Rob Roskopp  is an alternative sports legend.  At one point, he was ripping kind lines in a swimming pool as a professional skateboarder.  Today, he owns the raddest mountain bike company on the planet: Santa Cruz Bicycles.  His Santa Cruz Syndicate is, arguably, the most successful team of professional riders ever put together.  With the likes of World Champ Steve Peat and Greg Minaar heading the downhill squad and Jamie Goldman along with Kirt Voorhies pushing the limits of freeriding, the team makes a mark wherever they put wheels on the dirt.  When Rob gets involved, throw  some dollars down in Vegas as it’s a sure bet to turn to gold.  He has made such an impact in out- of- the- mainstream- sports movement that  the headphone company, Skull Candy, has recently come out with “The Rob Roskopp” model of headphones.  These will compliment the long-produced “Rob Roskopp” skateboard by Santa Cruz Skateboards…and no, he does not own the skate and surfboard company of the same name (he skated for them as a pro back in the day).

Two words I am hearing waaaaay to much;” TRANSPARENCY  and “ORGANIC.” Everything I hear or read about concerning politics seems to contain the word “transparency.”  There is nothing about the current political climate that resembles ANYTHING “transparent.”   Same goes for entertainment, movies, and rap with their over use of “organic.” Now, I might bring the ire of some, but I know the meaning of the word “organic” and (in my unqualified opinion) some folks are REALLY taking liberties with the Webster’s dictionary version. 

The Ride Blind Racing Brain Trust met last Tuesday.  Lauren, Chris and I (with Heidi acting in a consultant capacity) had a productive meeting to discuss our direction for 2010.  We set some ambitious goals for the year from tweaking the web site, and increasing exposure, as well as many other topics that were discussed.  Stay tuned…again, it’s gonna be fun for all!

Did you listen to the President’s State of the Union Address last Wednesday!? What did you think?  He certainly has had his hands full during his first year.  I was a bit disappointed with his tone, his language.  Mr. Obama appeared to work very hard at sounding “everyday”  — to sound like the everyday, average American fighting to stay afloat.  I want him to fight FOR me in Washington.  I want him to fight FOR  every citizen of our nation, however,   I expect our president to SOUND Presidential.  I heard 8 years of former President Bush and his “good ol’ boy” slang that left him sounding…well, like an idiot.  Last week, I kept hearing “you guys,” “”we gotta” and others that made me cringe a bit knowing how eloquent the guy is.  Almost a “talking down” (intentionally) to his audience.  Just my opinion:)  By the way, bashing the Supreme Court during a national address?  Hmmm, I might have waited and taken them aside;  never in public.  Lastly, we constantly are made aware of how far apart our parties are and Mr. Obama made it one his talking points to address the need for a more cooperative environment in Washington…for the people of course.  The next day, on the east coast, The President and Repubs were AT EACH OTHER’S THROATS in another public forum, being recorded and replayed time and time again.  Both sides, including Obama, were catty, divisive, and juvenile in how they openly treated each other.  Didn’t he just espouse cooperation the night before?

 Enough politics, I’m out.  No really, I’m headed out for a ride:)

Cheers Mates,